What are the Benefits of Wood Siding?


If we were to question you what the most crucial part of your property is, you may perhaps say a little something like the roof or the walls and composition, right? While that is undoubtedly correct, there is an usually forgotten ingredient that is crucial to every vitality-successful and structurally sound home. 

We are chatting about siding. You have most likely heard of siding, but do you know why your house requirements siding? And what its added benefits are? Right now, we are talking about the added benefits of siding, and in certain the gains of wood siding. 

But Initial, What is Siding & What is it Produced From?

Siding is any product that addresses, guards or clads the exterior walls of a dwelling or household constructing. It can be made in a wide range of products, with some of the most prevalent staying vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, stucco siding, brick siding, and of program, wooden siding. 

What Does Siding Essentially Do?

Excellent dilemma. There are two most important functions to siding. Initial and foremost, it performs an integral purpose in shielding your household from the elements, as very well as the protection of your residence. It guards your house in opposition to rain, snow, and wind, and also retains it insulated all through the year.

The second critical function is to give your property a exceptional temperament and style – what is generally identified as curb attractiveness. 

What Takes place When You Have Poorly Mounted Siding

Without appropriately put in siding, drinking water could enter your home and lead to key hurt like mould or foundational problems. Not to point out that siding is usually utilized to cover the joints of your residence. If the joints are not fully covered or sealed, drinking water and other sorts of precipitation like snow might enter the house and result in extensive problems.

Importantly, siding plays a pivotal function in reducing utility bills. If your residence has improperly installed siding, your heating and cooling unit will be doing work additional time in the course of the 12 months, which will lead to a spike in your electrical power bills. 

The Rewards of Wood Siding

Quick to Paint

Wood siding is exceptionally simple to paint or stain. Some siding materials cannot be painted above after set up, which is not the scenario with wooden siding. currently being quick to paint or stain to go well with your home’s character or your aesthetic tastes.

Excellent for the Atmosphere

Wooden siding is superior for the atmosphere as it is one particular of the most eco-welcoming products. It is a renewable resource (some styles of trees improve especially promptly generating them a sustainable resource), it is bio-degradable and wooden siding can take significantly less electricity to manufacture than other siding resources. If you are intent on decreasing your environmental footprint, wooden siding is a audio preference.

Wood Siding is Simple to Maintenance

If you obtain any problems to your wooden siding, the great information is it is relatively effortless to fix. For case in point, wooden putty will repair service compact holes. With warped siding, you can simply screw it tight (or shorten it with a saw). Boards are uncomplicated to replace much too if the hurt is much too comprehensive to take care of. 

As with nearly anything, if we are seeking at benefits we need to search at negatives as well for an even participating in discipline. 

Disadvantages of Wooden Siding


Considering all its added benefits, wood siding is understandably 1 of the a lot more high priced siding choices on the marketplace. Nevertheless, it may be a superior investment depending on exactly where you dwell and how long you intend to are living there. 

Wants Lots of Servicing

To preserve wood on the lookout its most effective and secure your residence from the elements, you require to keep your wooden siding frequently, together with repainting or restaining every 3-7 decades. You also need to have to defend your wood siding towards pests, as very well as any troubles about animals gnawing on the wooden and leaving holes that need to be stuffed as soon as attainable. 

Contemplate Composite Siding As an alternative

In looking into wooden siding, you may possibly come throughout composite siding. Composite siding is usually produced from wood fibers, and give you all the benefits of wood with rarely any negatives. The benefits of composite siding incorporate:

  • Small upkeep
  • Lots of variety in model and color
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly 

Most Importantly, Opt for the Suitable Siding Contractor

At the stop of the working day, the most vital determination when changing your siding is who you seek the services of to put in it. The correct contractor will be in a position to stroll you by your options and give you professional information on the best options for you and your needs. 


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