In this Vax Platinum SmartWash assessment, we won’t be fixating on pet muck. Even so, this is a carpet cleaner that proved its really worth in a check so serious, it modified my perception of carpet cleaners in normal. It is not just a carpet cleaner it is a crap-et cleaner.

Before obtaining this Vax, I saw carpet cleaners as some thing to be used when in a blue moon, when the complete home desired a great seeing to. But given that receiving a sample of the Vax Platinum SmartWash, I have found it to be valuable on a range of situations, typically due to the fact I have two Labradors (1 a puppy) and three cats, but also because I have had my have reasonable share of recent accidental spillages, like the last time I reviewed a pod coffee machine and spilled the contents of a whole shot more than the lounge rug.