Transform Your Kitchen with this ONE Update; Before & After

Transform Your Kitchen with this ONE Update; Before & After

This is the image that started this thread on my stories this week. I had mentioned that sometimes changing the countertop and backsplash should be considered first, BEFORE the cabinets are painted.

So this week, after I received a few before and afters from my followers,  I thought I would share a few photos of an area in your kitchen that is highly underestimated, and that is the backsplash.

Remember, your countertops are visually on a more horizontal plane so while they can be very bossy, busy and dominating, often it’s the backsplash you inherited, that is bossing you around more than anything in the room.  And if you have a busy countertop (that you also did not choose), well then it just becomes offensive at all times.

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And while we would all love to customize our kitchens and bathrooms with every move, sometimes, it’s simply not possible. 

This is when you really need to carefully assess–what will give you the biggest bang for the buck–so that the kitchen becomes a place that you can live with (maybe even longer than you might think) while you spend your budget on other items that are higher priority.

When your tile is this busy and it matches the countertop in business and bossiness, that’s where you feel despair because it all blends together and you start thinking, surely the ONLY good and true option is to blow it all up right?


Now this follower did make some other updates but that is exactly what you should do to bring your kitchen from yesterday into today.

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But look how you barely notice the countertops now (above).

If you can make other changes at the same time, you can live with your kitchen longer the way it is! (above).

However, even this backsplash change made a big difference without any other updates to the cabinets.

So before you get all worked up about removing uppers, the point of this post is fundamentally that changing a busy, trendy backsplash for some timeless subway tile can really update your kitchen in a big way, just like this one:

And the lighting and flooring are a definite improvement here:

Here’s another kitchen where adding a hood fan and some upper shelving along with some timeless subway tile made a HUGE difference:

Before you start posting comments about how hard it is to clean upper shelving, look again, at how much fresher and updated these dated kitchens look.

Where we’re going with kitchen design is NO UPPERS if possible.

Especially if you’re considering black cabinets!

And that’s why removing uppers and adding airy shelving works so well because it kinda helps create the:

“This old thing? Darling, my kitchen is simply an extension of my living room” look.

Grassrootines for Bein' Green Pt. 6 – Time to Green Yo' Latrine – suadua

It’s the first thing I’m going to do with the kitchen in my upstairs entertainment room (below) before it gets painted.

I’m removing ALL the uppers.

The main kitchen can be found here with all the real estate listing photos. Our possession date has been moved to October 12, so that’s when the renovation kicks in and then we plan to move in December 1.

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