Top places to buy wooden wine racks in the UK

Because wine is no longer only a special occasion drink but an everyday indulgence, several wine-related accessories have become essential in today’s environment. With so many companies making wine fridges, it has become really easy to shop for wine coolers. The same can be said about wine racks as well.

Just like the market is full of wine coolers slim, narrow and many other types, it is full of different varieties of wine racks as well. “Why should I use a wine rack?” you might wonder. The reason is straightforward. Firstly and most importantly, it helps you to place all of your wine in one place. Furthermore, storing wine on its side keeps the cork moist. This prevents it from drying out and crumbling into your wine.

Here are some places where you can go shopping for wooden wine racks!

Way fair

Wayfair has an almost infinite quantity of products in several categories ranging from wine cabinets and kitchen cabinets to lighting, outdoor, and even textiles. Sure, you’ll have to filter through the results to find items that meet your needs, but some exciting hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. That too at very reasonable prices.

John Lewis

You’ll find whatever you need at John Lewis, whether it’s a wooden wine cabinet, a dining table, armchair, room divider, floating bookshelves, bath mat, or laundry basket. This furniture business also runs online. It features trendy products to suit people with all budgets. This company has one of the broadest and most varied offerings on the high street.


Anthropologie is a company that has always been well known for the bohemian apparel it sells. Recently, it has extended its business to stylish homewares. Anthropologie’s devoted followers have gone crazy for the brand’s beautiful furniture offering, featuring a beautiful range of wooden wine cabinets.

Barker and Stonehouse

Barker & Stonehouse is one of the top British, family-owned online furniture stores for classic, timeless pieces, with eleven physical stores around the UK and a large online presence. They’ve been operating since the end of WWII, so they know a thing or two about building long-lasting furniture. Also, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your taste.


Indeed, the name says it all. The design-led furniture firm, which is popular among first-time home buyers, creates unique and innovative designs that will have everyone drooling over your lovely living room. Furthermore, all of the pieces may be combined and matched if you want to update your home quickly. 


If you like the luxury, design-led furniture stocked on the group’s online furniture store, Soho Home, you’ll love the luxury, design-led furniture stocked on Soho Farmhouse, Soho House. Expect trendy, handcrafted pieces that complement your taste and are designed to resemble the aesthetic of the many Soho Houses found around the world. Traditional shapes and textures are reimagined to produce pieces that will enrich your daily routine.


Wine racks are sturdy and space-saving, and they can be installed practically anyplace in your home if you have the necessary room. So buying one would be a good investment.