Tineco Carpet One review: Powerful, efficient cleaning


The Tineco Carpet One cleans a dirty floor.

Tineco Carpet Just one

MSRP $499.00

“The Tineco Carpet A single Good Carpet Cleaner is your gateway to cleaner floors.”


  • Impressive cleansing
  • Sensors clearly show dust and particles invisible to the eye
  • Included extras make it quick to clean up stairs and home furnishings
  • Auto-shutoff functions avoid destruction and messes
  • A single of the only selections on the current market at existing


  • The app lacks performance
  • The h2o tank could be bigger
  • No effortless storage for accessories when not in use

I pride myself on clean flooring. After all, I overview a great deal of vacuums — both of those robot and adhere — for a living. But there is just something about a carpet cleaner that will get your floor considerably cleaner.

I have generally affiliated carpet cleaners with rentals: a hefty, specialized device you did not essentially need in your house. Tineco despatched its Carpet One particular Good Carpet Cleaner to me to consider out, and it is modified my entire standpoint on the products. Now, I take into consideration it just as important as a standard vacuum cleaner.

Powerful cleaning for the stinkiest messes

Let me begin by conveying why I desired a carpet cleaner so poorly. My cat, adorable as she is, suffers from a couple of GI troubles. That suggests there are generally mishaps on my carpet. Although I always get the stains out, it usually includes scrubbing the ground with a material spray and a brush.

The Carpet One particular decreases the time it usually takes to pull a stain out of the carpet to only a couple seconds. No wasted paper towels, no toxic cleaning materials, and no placing a trash can in excess of the newly cleaned location to continue to keep the cat absent until it dries.

The Carpet One sensor describes how dirty the floor is.

The Carpet 1 has developed-in sensors (Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Good Sensor) that detect how filthy your ground is. An LED rings the leading of the cleaner. It is commonly blue — but the overall look of crimson signifies far more grime and debris have been detected. The increased the length of the line, the much more grime there is.

There are four cleansing modes to deal with the mess:

  • Automobile Mode adjusts the amount of spray employed depending on how soiled the ground is.
  • Max Manner cranks the spray up to as substantial as it can go. This manner burns as a result of the water tank a lot quicker, but I found it most productive.
  • Dry Method disables any water spray and as a substitute blasts heat air to support dry the carpet following you have concluded.
  • Accent Method is self-explanatory: It is activated when you use the bundled hose attachment to clean up your stairs, home furniture, or other places.

The Carpet One particular takes advantage of sizzling air on each method, roughly concerning 160 and 180 levels Fahrenheit. This heat is utilized to make certain a more comprehensive cleaning according to Tineco, it aids dissolve grime and activate the cleansing option.

The person expertise

I’ve applied the Carpet A person on a near-each day foundation given that it arrived. However I haven’t attempted cleansing the complete living home with it, I have cleaned substantial portions of the flooring with good results.

The Carpet 1 lessens the time it can take to pull a stain out of the carpet to only a couple of seconds.

Very first off, it’s a somewhat heavy device when the h2o tank is complete, in particular as it vacuums up filthy drinking water. If you’ve in no way made use of a carpet cleaner prior to, you will likely be horrified at what coloration the water turns immediately after passing by your carpet in my circumstance, it seemed like dim gray milk.

Yuck, proper?

Continue to keep in head that this is just after regular vacuuming. The actuality is, most vacuums just really don’t penetrate deep more than enough to thoroughly clean on the identical amount a carpet cleaner does, and the evidence is in the gross carpet-pudding that fills the dirty h2o tank.

There are two tanks you have to concern oneself with: the thoroughly clean h2o tank, which sits about midway up the vacuum entire body, and the soiled h2o tank just higher than the consumption. The clean up water tank is straightforward to refill — just flip up the lid and fill to the mark — but it doesn’t go much on Max Mode. Auto Manner is suitable for most messes, as it will quickly spray more h2o if necessary.

Most vacuums just do not penetrate deep more than enough to clean up on the similar stage a carpet cleaner does.

The filthy drinking water tank seems bigger but only fills up about 3/5 of the way in advance of it is viewed as full. As soon as total, the Carpet 1 will energy down until finally you vacant out the tank. You need to vacant it immediately after each individual cleansing cycle, nevertheless, and the Carpet One’s automatic voice reminds you of this. It’s not only a issue of cleanliness — if you ignore to empty the tank, that water begins to stink.

Plenty of air is pulled by the Carpet 1 that a entire soiled drinking water tank will unfold an awful smell through your home when it is turned on, so take the time to dump out the tank when you complete cleaning your carpet. I advise executing it in the rest room and flushing it afterward.

As for the app, I discover it to be largely pointless. The finest clever attributes are situated on the product, like the filth sensor. The application keeps keep track of of how lengthy you have cleaned on any specified day, which I suppose could be useful if you want to look at if somebody is really cleansing retaining track of children’s chores, possibly?

The only other advantage I identified to the app was the Configurations menu. The Carpet One’s created-in voice can be quite loud, and there’s no way to turn it down on the carpet cleaner itself. You can change the volume via the app or wholly disable the voice. The app also delivers the skill to down load a electronic version of the products manual, perform firmware updates, and adjust the voice package.

The the vast majority of the destructive encounters I experienced with the Carpet A single had been user mistake. The outcomes of the cleaning just cannot be argued with — it removed any trace of stain from my carpets with the exception of one tiny location. A yr in the past, I accidentally stepped on the carpet with a muddy boot, and any person that is aware Ga is aware of the pink clay leaves stains that are practically unattainable to remove.

Nevertheless the Carpet A single didn’t absolutely cleanse that stain, it is much more challenging to see now.

What is in the box?

The Carpet A single will come largely disassembled, but it is not tricky to set alongside one another. It took me a lot less than 10 minutes to established up the carpet cleaner. Inside of the box, you will find:

  • Carpet Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution
  • Cleaning Resource
  • 2-in-1 Nozzle
  • Sponge Filter
  • Accessory Hose

The accessory hose is hooked up on an as-required foundation, and it was my main discomfort point with the Carpet A person. Figuring out precisely how the hose hooked up to the cleaner took many attempts ahead of the diagram built perception, but I afterwards uncovered there was a movie I could check out that would improved reveal it.

The Tineco Carpet One with hose attached.

The bundled cleaning answer is a will have to-have. I tried out cleaning the carpet with only water, and it did a noticeably worse occupation than when I included the solution to the drinking water reservoir. It’s just two capfuls per tankful of water, and the answer alone promises to be non-poisonous for young children and pets. I didn’t take a look at it, naturally, but it is excellent to know Tineco acknowledged all those problems.

The cleaning remedy appears to be mostly h2o, with significantly less than 5 p.c of a assortment of other substances (none of which sounded particularly secure.)

Our consider

The Tineco Carpet Just one Intelligent Carpet Cleaner is an complete necessity for sanitizing your carpets and getting rid of really hard-to-clean stains. Even though the companion app doesn’t lend a great deal operation, it’s much better than almost nothing and the sensible functions are typically on the unit by itself.

Is there a much better option?

Just place: no. The absence of a wise carpet cleaner is a little something I have lengthy lamented. There are some devices that get in touch with by themselves good, like the Hoover Smartwash+, but these do not have any genuine sensible abilities. The Tineco Carpet One Wise Carpet Cleaner is one of the only choices I have ever noticed.

How lengthy will it past?

The majority of components within the Carpet 1 can be changed need to they crack, which undoubtedly extends the device’s longevity. If a thing does go horribly completely wrong, Tineco delivers a two-calendar year warranty for producing flaws.

Must you buy it?

No dilemma about it. If you want your flooring cleaner than anything at all vacuuming could ever accomplish, you’ll want to devote in this smart carpet cleaner.

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