Our Top 3 Decluttering Blog Posts of 2022


By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Decluttering your home is a very personal journey.

  • It’s challenging
  • It’s emotional
  • And even the smallest thing can quickly reduce you to tears

And it’s even more painful to admit how many times you might have tried various methods to declutter, but you got overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, then you just gave up.

No one knows YOU as well as YOU do, so why use someone else’s decluttering method when you can create your own?

One that fits your personality, your lifestyle and your busy schedule?


In one of my most successful blogs to date, you will learn how to design your own personal decluttering challenge… one that inspires you, motivates you, and empowers you to win at the difficult decluttering game once and for all.


My second most popular blog in 2022, has been read by thousands of couples across the US and Canada. Decluttering is supercharged with emotions for a variety of reasons:

  • One wants to declutter, the other doesn’t
  • One is a hoarder, the other, the exact opposite
  • One wants to declutter one way, the other side another way

One size definitely does not fit all, but when you follow my easy home decluttering checklist and when you determine which of my 8 decluttering methods works best for you…go for it!

You’ll be glad you did!


When I introduced the No Excuse Decluttering Guide on Facebook live, there were hundreds of people showed up on that live stream. Because clutter is so overwhelming, we often procrastinate and choose not to deal with it at all, causing it to pile up even more. Clutter impacts our lives in so many different ways. When we allow it to build up, we get even more frustrated and overwhelmed. It becomes one vicious circle. Essentially, clutter is the result of many deferred decisions.

This no-excuse guide to decluttering will provide you with tools to make decisions that help you focus and deal with the clutter one step at a time.


I would like to introduce one of my newest “just-released” toolkits, the QuickStart Home Decluttering Checklist which will make decluttering easier for you than ever before.

  • When decluttering seems like an impossible task
  • When you have no idea where to begin
  • And when you don’t have any idea where to start

When you follow this new step-by-step Quick Start Home Decluttering Checklist, you will experience instant relief when you start to realize the impact of living with less clutter.

As you begin to take those baby steps, you’ll gain momentum and new energy to continue the decluttering process.


You can now shop online for these useful tools that will help you conquer clutter once and for all:

A.   Downsizing and Decluttering for Boomers Workbook

B.   8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering Course

C.   Home Decluttering Quick Start Checklist


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