Cleaning Hacks We Learned From TikTok That Actually Work


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We know there’s a bunch of people out there that think TikTok is just this silly app the youth use to make dancing videos and memes, although that couldn’t be further from its reality. For those of you not on the bandwagon yet, let us tell you, there’s a whole new world waiting for you out there — one filled with new recipes, book recommendations, story times, tax advice and job interview tips, no less. But there’s a special crevice in the TikTok algorithm that lies our favourite niche of all — lo and behold, TikTok’s epic cleaning hacks.

With that in mind, it’d be rude of us to mention it and not share a couple from our eight-hour scrolling escapades. So, if you’re looking to deep clean your house without getting down n’ dirty on all fours to do it, you’ll want to keep reading…

Gone are the days of getting down on all-fours just to scrub your shower


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After seeing this hack, we will never again bend over backwards to reach that grimy corner of the shower with a Jiff-laden cloth ever again (if you know, you know). Instead, investing in one of these epic extendable, motorised brushes ($69.99) — or $54.99 on eBay — to do all the scrubbing for you is the future of cleaning.

If you happen to have a drill handy, you can even just buy this 30-pack of different cleaning heads ($22.94) that attaches right onto the end. That way, you can go to town on not only your shower but your kitchen, bathroom sink, walls and more. How’s that for multipurpose?

Get your stove top grime to melt away


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We don’t know about you, but cleaning our stove top will always hold a special place in hell. It’ll forever be the job that, no matter how much you give (read: scrubbing for hours), you can never get the finish you’re after — especially when it comes to removing those black burn stains. That was until we tried this neat hack. All you have to do is try spraying some oven cleaner ($4.50) over the area you’d like to target. Layer over some cling wrap, then leave it for 24 hours.

Once you’ve let the grime melt away overnight, you can go back in with a steel sponge, some warm water and a cloth to wipe off all the excess and finish with some stove polisher ($9.44) if you want to go that extra step further.

Make your grout white again


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Five words: get yourself a grout pen.

It’s the only answer if you’ve spent many light-years trying to turn those dirty, stained crevices back to their clean, white roots. It can also totally change the entire look of a room if you do it right, too. This grout refresher pen ($18.50) is one of our faves that gets the job done. If you’re doing a large surface area, it’s almost worth stocking up on a couple while you’re at it.

Alternatively, this one TikToker said she accidentally spilled degreaser ($20) on her floor and found out how great it was at cleaning her grout. We haven’t been able to corroborate her tip, but hey, if her floors are anything to go by, it seems to work a treat. It might be worth test patching first, though.

Give your house that fresh laundry smell from the moment you walk in (without actually doing any laundry)


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You know when you walk into someone’s house, and it has that distinct laundry smell that takes your senses to new heights? Yeah, here’s one TikTok cleaning hack that’ll allow you to achieve it without actually having to do any laundry.

First, grab one of those neat refillable spray bottles ($13.99) and then fill it with Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Beads ($49.98) and hot water. You may choose another brand or scent of washing beads here if you wish. After they’re combined, shake that baby up and spray it all over your house whenever you feel like it needs a refresh.

Get rid of the pet hair in your carpet without investing in an entire carpet cleaner


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Don’t you hate when your vacuum starts to get all gross and tangled because of all the hair that gets wrapped around the cleaning head? Well, now you can make sure you rid your carpet of any long hairs from you and your pets with this lint remover ($6.49). Just roll it all over the floor, and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at just how manky your carpet might be. Want more carpet cleaning hacks, but this time, for those dark stains? Head here.

TikTok cleaning hacks aren’t the only beneficial part of the app. Head here to check out all the kitchen gadgets that have been recommended by millions of users, too.


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