2021 Interior Design Trends, According to the Experts

When we talk of interior design, we talk of different styles into it. These styles either get attributed to a trend, an era, a culture, or an individual style. For example, there is the Victorian style in Interior Design. Similarly, there are tens and hundreds of styles that people go for. Expert companies usually hold expertise in different styles. And one such style in Interior Design that we see today is called Modern Style. If you have one in mind, Radvi has experts at hand to help you with the same. Furthermore, it can help you have luxury homes in Coimbatore. So, what is this Modern Style in Interior Design?

The motif of Modern Style Design stays to be the use of simplicity.

What is Modern Style Interior Design?

You must have seen it, but you might not have known it. It is everywhere over the internet. You probably might have seen it today on social media too. It is that design where the colors are soft and minimal, where there is smoothness in the aura, where the furnishing is simple.

Modern Design got its origin at the beginning of the 20th century. Such is its influence that it continues to spill its impact on contemporary interior designing.

Modern Interior Design works on keeping things smooth and simple. But what defines Modern Style Interior?

Features of Modern Interior Design Style!

Although this style goes through individual manipulation too, there are features that define a style to be modern. Here are some features of Modern Interior Style –

  • Use of a monochromatic palette in the house.
    • Monochromatic means only one color and its shades are used throughout the house. For example, if you are using blue to be the prime colors, you will use its pastel side and its lower keys too, but rarely any other color.
  • The use of simple lines instead of heavy geometrical shapes in the house.
  • Minimalism shown in the home decor. In a modern style, you won’t use a lot of decorative items but make the home meditative in itself.
  • Less use of walls and more use of furnishing to differentiate between spaces.
  • Use of low-height furniture. For example, you will use the couch that is generally lower than other couches.
  • Long Furniture style instead of compact designs. This gives a sense of grandeur while keeping things simple at the same time. It is a perfect blend of a rich body and mind.

These few features define if an interior is a modern style or not a modern style. Some interior design styles use variations and they thus stay on the edge between modern style and other styles. It is all a personal choice and not a matter of sin or sincerity. If you want a house with a modern style, Radvi has experts at hand to help you with the same. But, this was just a general overview in the modern interior style. There is much more to it than it looks.

The psychology of Modern Interior Style!

Everything that is man-made in this world gets attributed to some sort of human psychology. It is the blend of the immediate environment and the human psychology that gives rise to certain styles and trends. When we look at Modern Interior Style, it gets its idea from the early 20th century.

The late 19th and early 20th century saw a deviation in art philosophy. The idea was to promote abstract thinking while keeping realism, romanticism, and renaissance in check. And then modernism in art and architecture got its popularity in the 1940-80s.

The idea was to let the simplicity show the richness it holds. Modern Architecture then used simple lines, simple colors, smooth textures, simple patterns, and other natural elements to harmonize with the outdoors without compromising over the functionality.

What was at the heart of this design was the motif ‘Form Follows Function’. This meant that the form of the home will be designed as per the functions it must allow rather than giving weight to ultra-aesthetics and adornments. And this is where experts lend their hand for help.

But then, with time, modern interior style got some shades of other designs. This is the usual nature of how things go. They take shades from one another. If you look at the Contemporary Interior Style, it has its influence on Modern Style and vice versa.

The difference between Contemporary Style and Modern Style Interior!

When we talk of contemporary style, we must know that we do not refer to any specific style. Contemporary Interior design Style refers to the styles that are prevalent at the present date. It is no specific style but has taken shades from many other styles. The one major style that it has taken the most shade from is the Modern Interior Style.

Contemporary Interior Style also depends on using simple sleek lines, large glass windows, use of much natural light, fluid designs, neutral colors, etc. The use of decorative items is there but it is kept at minimum.

For example, if you look at the living room made in the contemporary interior style, you’ll usually find it to be simply grand. It is not because it uses expensive items and golds and diamonds, it is because it uses minimal colors. Minimal Colors have the ability to create an illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Furthermore, the use of large glass panes to allow natural sunlight would usually be there. The furniture type will not use complex designs but will be elegantly fluid and simple. Experts at hand do help people in these styles. The fundamentals remain the same and a thing or two keeps changing due to individual preferences. This does not change the luxury nature of homes. Radvi deals in Luxury homes in Coimbatore and other places in India. And it does not let any style take away the luxury.

Impact of Minimalism on Modern Style!

Minimalism is a school of thought that depends on keeping the use of human elements at minimum. Here are few features of minimal architecture –

  • Use of monochromatic palette (mostly neutral colour)
  • Use of lights at minimum and using natural light.
  • No or minimal decor items.
  • Main focus on functionality. If a thing or item is not of any function, it will not take part in the home.
  • Clean and simple lines around the house.
  • Keeping patterns and textures at minimum.

What it does is to take in the house that is of any use, rest it throws. Now, you will see that it is very close to the modern interior style. It is because the 20th century gave rise to a school of thought that focused on spirituality, simplicity, and functionality.

This was a brief about Modern Interior Design. If you are planning to have one in your home, then know that Radvi has experts at hand to help you with the same. Furthermore, it also deals in luxury homes in Coimbatore and many other places in India. If you have any plans regarding the same, do not hesitate but trust their over three decade old wisdom in the field of Real Estate, Interior, and Architect.