A guide to finding the right rolling door

Selecting the right internal roller door for your home takes careful consideration. Rolling doors offer a versatile solution for a home or garage entrance. From the material to how the internal roller door operates, there is a lot to decide before buying the model that is right for the space.

Rolling doors are made from aluminium slats or a curtain of steel and the door opens vertically. When the internal roller door opens, the series of slats coils into a roll vertically rather than moving along internal tracks like a sectional door. Rolling doors are also called high-speed doors and are often used in industrial properties.

Types of internal roller doors?


An Aluminium internal roller door is the most popular choice. They are durable and robust but lighter than other hard metals. An aluminium rolling door can serve a long time with proper maintenance and with less load placed when the door’s opening mechanism. It can be powder coated and can be finished in different colours and textures. A regular wash down is required to keep the surface of the rolling door free of dirt and grit.


Steel rolling doors are another affordable option. They are highly durable and can withstand attacks from burglars well. Steel internal roller doors are available with a single skin. Steel doors may not be the best solution if you want to prevent heat.

Single skin steel roller door:

The single-skin steel rolling door is an excellent choice if insulation, noise, and security are not your priority. They are spring-loaded for simple operation. However, larger sizes need to be motorized.

Double skinned aluminium rolling door:

A double skinned aluminium internal roller door is made from individual foam-filled slats and rolls much tighter to maximize the height of the space.

What sizes are available for an internal roller door?

The specifications for an internal roller door are- the largest width is 5200mm, and the maximum height available is 3000mm. You can even customize as per your need. If you want larger doors, the slat type and specifications may change. The curtain roll size and guides will differ if the rolling doors are over 3000mm high. One needs to give careful consideration while installing very large doors to ensure the structure you are fixing is sufficient.

Benefits of having an internal roller door:

  • The rolling doors are quiet
  • We can electrically operate them for convenient usage
  • The internal roller doors provide the highest level of security to your home or office
  • These doors offer a versatile and compact solution that allows you to maximize the headroom space
  • The design of rolling doors is sleek and non-fussy

These are some of the major things which one must understand and know about the internal roller doors and the above are some of the major advantages of installing rolling doors in your space. Get in touch with a professional and secure your home now!!